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We are a dedicated division of Polybags Ltd. devoted to polythene bags. Polybags Ltd is a major international packaging company based in the UK working with polythene packaging since 1961 and now offering a range of increasingly environmentally friendly products across the packaging spectrum.

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Sustainable carrier bags

Non Woven Carrier Bags

Creating a robust and reputable emblem is one of the optimal methods to promote a business. Personalised carrier bags offer a big marketing strategy that will visibly assist expose your products and services. In normal consumers transport towards a business that takes pride in their appearance and professionalism. By utilising custom printed carrier bags you are investing in your business by allowing your clients to transport your emblem name.

Grey Mailing Bags Strong Poly Postal Postage Post Mail Self Seal All Sizes Cheap Grey Mailing - £151.99

Post Postage Poly 9x6 Grey Mailing A5 Postal Self Bags Inches Seal Mail Strong Self Postage Postal 9x6 Mailing Poly Strong Bags Mail Post Grey Inches Seal A5 Grey Mailing Bags

6 Mil Poly Bags

6 mil poly bags axis flat are a convenient efficient solution for storing or shipping parts clothing food storage and more we stock in 1 reclosable plastic .

The product like LDPE Linear Bags and Rolls, LDPE Shrink Bags and Rolls , LDPE Packaging Bags, Plain LDPE Plastic Bags, LDPE Plain polythene suppliers Bags, Antistatic Bags and rolls , etc. are highly demanded in the market.

177 envos partido waste bags

Lightweight Garment Covers

Retail Bags are a big selection for plenty clients who use them for a assortment of foods like coffee beans, teas, muesli and biscuits.

Professional waste bags in rolls or by kg. Polybags

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HDPE polythene suppliers Bags Polybags

Online Packaging stores

Polybags also operates a series of specialist sites dedicated to the various packaging ranges it offers. These include:

Discount Printed Carrier Bags
Discount Printed Carrier bags specialises in printed carrier bags but also offers off the shelf carry bags in all sizes and colours. Buy all your carriers from wholesalers at discounted prices that don't compromise the quality.

Mailing Bags
Manufacturer and distributor of mailing bags, polythene mailers, plastic envelopes and alternative eco-friendly packaging for delivery.

Discount Self Seal Bags
Wholesale supplier and manufacturer of self-seal polythene packaging and resealable bags. Provides useful information and articles to help you when shopping for self sealing bags.

Discount Polythene Film
Discount Polythene Film.co.uk is a website designed to help you understand what polythene covers are and how they are supplied. Also helps you choosing the right supplier of polythene film for all your needs.

Environmental Bags
Environmental bags is a website specialising in compostable, biodegradable and degradable bags. It discusses the use of green bags, what biodegradable and degradable really means and where to buy good quality environmentally-friendly bags.

Discount Bin Liners
Website devoted to find the best suppliers of rubbish bags, waste sacks and specialist waste bags. We provide a selection of top providers and we also provided articles to help understand more about this bin bags.