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Polythene is generally used for producing plastic sheeting and plastic bags. Both of which come from the same manufacturing process. Polythene pellets are melted and then extruded through a circular die gap forming a plastic tube, the die can be adjusted to produce different diameters. The tube can also be made thin or thick by stretching and inflating. The tube can also be cut in one or both sides or be gusseted. The cooled polythene tube is then rolled at the end of the process. All of this is done in the same machine in a continuous flow.

Printed Packaging

Polythene packaging can also be made printed with custom logos and designs. Printed packaging provides an effective marketing solution. By printing a logo, company name and/or a website address on a shopping bag will enable a company to be advertised for wherever the printed bag goes and it will also become recognizable. Visit Polybags if you need more information about printed polythene packaging.

Plain polythene bags

Clear polythene bags are manufatured in a wide range of sizes, starting from 2 inches (50mm) wide all the way up to 48 inches (1220mm). Plain polythene bags are also usually stocked with different thicknesses including the light duty 120 gauge, medium duty 250 gauge and the strong heavy duty 500 gauge. Non standard sizes and thiknesses can also be made to order. Biodegradable clear bags are also manufactured as an alternative to polythene bags.

High tensile bags

For a more demanding solution, if packing heavier loads for example, high tensile bags could be used. High tensile bags are produced with a blend of low and medium density polythene providing improved strength when compared to standard polythen bags.

Polymax bags

Polymax bags are super strong bags manufatured by Polybags. Although polimax bags are stronger than the comparable low density polythene bag they are 25% cheaper and 66% thinner. Polymax bags can offer a great deal of strength, good visibilty and better tear resistance.

Grip seal bags with write-on-panels

These are polythene self-sealing bags manufactured with 3 not glossy white write-on-panels allowing foe labeling contents with a pen or pencil. Standard polythene self seal bags are 200 gauge thick.

Biodegradable compo bags

Biodegradable compo bags are made with chemical properties that helps them to biodegrade in a compost or landfill. Once disposed in a compost heap it will usually decompose in 9 months to 2 years along with its organic waste.

Slider grip bags

Slider grip bag is a self sealing bag with a plastic slider grip seal closure found in a variety of sizes. An economic solution for a professional packing look. Self-seal bags are also provided with extra bag strength 350 gauge polythene.

Specimen bags

Specimen bags are generally used by hospitals, the police and the forensics as they have the ability to carry specimens and documents on the same packaging but into separate pouches. Medical sample bags will keep the specimen safe from contamination, police bags and forensic bags will avoid the evidences from losing its properties.

Antistatic grip seal bags

An antistatic bag is a shipping bag for electronic devices which can be damaged by electrostatic discharge. Static travels around the bag and dissipates before it has a chance to damage contents when shipping or storing. These plastic bags have a distinctive color (silvery for metalized Mylar and other similar plastics, pink or black for polyethylene). The polyethene bags may also take the form of foam or bubble wrap, either as sheets or bags.

Layflat Tubing

Layflat tubing or film on the roll is a flexible and economical form of packaging. LFT is perfect for packing products of the same width but varying in height or long items. Layflat tubing is generally provided in as a roll of continuous film.

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Survival Uses For Rubbish Bags

Survival Uses For Rubbish Bags

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Reclosable Bubble Bags & Bubble Out Bags

8" x 17.5" Anti-Static Bubble Bags

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The Benefits Of Advertising With Promotional Carrier Bags

For a cost effective and useful promotional product, see no further than the promotional carrier bag. At IdeasByNet, we have a diverse assortment of bags to select from and one of the key benefits to marketing via promotional carrier bags is the fact that they offer high emblem exposure and wide appeal. Bags are not only a practical utility product nevertheless they are also highly portable, so spreading your emblem message throughout.

More than 100 billion single-use plastic shopping bags are used in the Polybags, and less than 10% of these are recycled, the consortium reports on its website. What's more, a plastic bag's lifespan greatly outlasts it usage. The normal time of use for a single-use plastic bag is 12 minutes, compared with a normal of 1,000 years for it to smash down. The environmental impact: Plastic shopping bags are among the top 10 items found on beaches and waterways worldwide annually.

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